Some clients call me 'Charlie' cuz they never see me. They see my Angels, the Dolls!

Los Angeles has been the epicenter of my career. I spent a decade as a Broadcast Journalist here and then enjoyed a very successful and exhilarating career as a radio 'air personality' rubbing elbows with Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and other greats in the R & B world. I've now taken my show business and 'niche marketing' experience from this successful journey in radio and am applying it to a business that is fun, rewarding, and often overlooked - that is, until ya cant find a place to park!

I learned the ropes and earned my stripes at a valet service in town that was up for sale and I wanted to buy. With my final offer rejected and my passion for the business still burning strong, I prayed for a great name. 72 hours of brain storming and 'Valet Of The Dolls' was born! The moment was electric! That was 2003...

I must express my deepest gratitude to the many thousands of clients who've enjoyed our service so far! Thank you! Know that perfection is our objective with every operation. Customer service is my favorite part of this experience and my entire 'Doll Force' echoes this sentiment. We realize that every event is special and unique and you'll feel that from your first phone call.

So, yes, this is a switch, Los Angeles radio personality to valet executive - go figure! But in a sense, I'm just doing what I've always done! Still using my talents to enhance people's lives. Only now instead of doing it with music, I do it with a gorgeous, athletic staff!

One party,
one car,
one parking space at a time!

With Gratitude,
Gillian (a.k.a. Charlie!)

Gillian Harris - President/CEO


Gillian is also a published author As an ordained minister, she is also President/CEO of 'Bless & Clear, Sacred Ceremonies' ( in Malibu, California.