Crinkle crochet stretch lace, hand made lace flowers, floral printed lace, beaded flowers, elaborate embroidery, silk ribbon...
Lingerie and Bridal wear befitting only Goddesses and Princesses!

Claire Pettibone celebrated an anniversary one summer day.... More than 100 cars worth of people arrived to celebrate and Valet Of The Dolls was there to be of service and consequently to prove a point: Goddesses and Princesses, park cars, too!

This is 'Charli from Sweden'. Keep up with her if ya can!


How many Dolls can you fit into a Volkswagon GTI?

I think that was 6, including the driver!


Dolls were delighted at the end of the evening to learn that Claire Pettibone was letting them keep their outfits! If you've ever shopped at Claire Pettibone, you know this is a tremendous gift!