Actors, Models, Singers, Dancers, yes, of course. Among the Dolls we also have an Air Traffic Controller, a few computer techs, a recording engineer, two mathematicians, a statistician, a student pilot - even a stuntwoman! There are nurses, teachers, a soccer mom-coach...yes the list goes on and on. Valet Of The Dolls is a huge force of beautiful people who come from a wide range of cultures and lifestyles.

What is common among the Dolls is that they are people with not only an 'ambition to drive' but a 'drive for ambition' Many Dolls are students, have other jobs, or are lucky enough to 'perform' regularly! The managment at Valet Of The Dolls will always encourge and support continued studies and energy toward other career ventures. While they manifest their many varied career and life goals, they've chosen to work for us, doing a job that holds high responsibility and is also a lot of fun.

Because of the quality of people hired to valet among the Dolls, we pay them well and encourage each host to show their appreciation via tipping. We consequently have the happiest valets!

Once in a while you'll encounter a male Doll!! You'll love them! We do!

Each Doll is hired one at a time in a very selective process and then trained. Valet Of The Dolls, LLC is a very popular, highly respected company in the greater Los Angeles area mostly because of our staff presentation and the way we operate.
Smart. Attractive. Confident. Ready to run and precision park any car!