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We are the largest predominantly female private event valet parking service in the country! Every event is important to us from your first phone call to the return of the last car . Thank you for letting us be your guest parking solution!

Serving Los Angeles, Orange County & Palm Springs

What Makes Us Special

  • We have new and extensive procedures to keep your guests and our staff safe from Covid-19 (and other cooties).
  • We are the only valet company with an extensive precision driving course our valets must take!
  • We’re also the ones known for costumes! If you’d like us to capture a certain theme or even to wear a certain color to blend with your party, let us know!
  • Most quotes are returned within hours and we are licensed to operate in more than a dozen municipalities in the Greater L.A. area along with Orange County and Palm Springs!

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Years Of Service

Serving Los Angeles, Orange County & Palm Springs

Employee Training Like no other

  • Gr8 fun, gr8 attitude, gr8 sevice! If you need a valet service this one won't let you down. The girls know how to drive and they take their work seriously. I can't wait until my next party so I can get the Dolls back at the house! "Gr8 fun, gr8 attitude, gr8 sevice!" - Tony M.

  • Determined at late notice that we needed Valet services..Valet of the dolls came through and did a fabulous job. Gillian is a delight to work with and both highly recommend them and will absolutely use them again! "Valet of the Dolls is fabulous..." - Lovin F.

  • I've never used a valet service before, and they were patient and communicative with me from first quote to troubleshooting that evening. We even had a surprise surge in last minute RSVPs and had to add more attendants at the end. They took it all in stride. I will definitely use them again and recommend to others. "I had a fantastic experience with Valet of the Dolls for a recent fundraiser." - Jenna F.

What Makes Us Special

Meet Our Founder

Some clients call me 'Charlie' cuz they never see me. They see my Angels, the Dolls!

Los Angeles has been the epicenter of my career. I spent a decade as a Broadcast Journalist here and then enjoyed a very successful and exhilarating career as a radio 'air personality' rubbing elbows with Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and other greats in the R & B world. I then took my show business and 'niche marketing' experience from this successful journey in radio and applied it to VALET! - A business that is fun, rewarding, and often overlooked - that is, until ya cant find a place to park!

I learned the ropes and earned my stripes at a valet service in town that was up for sale and I wanted to buy. With my final offer rejected and my passion for the business still burning strong, I prayed for a great name. 72 hours of brain storming and 'Valet Of The Dolls' was born! The moment was electric! That was 2003...

I’ve learned to only spend earth-time doing things I enjoy and tend to function best when being of service for the greater good. I must express my deepest gratitude to the many thousands of clients who've made providing valet such a genuine pleasure! Thank you! Know that perfection is our objective with every parking operation. Customer service is my favorite part of this experience and my entire 'Doll Force' echoes this sentiment. We realize that every event is special and unique and you'll feel that from your first phone call.

So, yes, this is a switch, Los Angeles radio personality to valet executive - go figure! And NOW, it’s been over 20 years – SO MUCH MORE has happened!

To Google me is to learn that over the years, while at the helm of this blossoming Valet company I continued to follow my truest life purpose in the realm of Metaphysics and Spirituality. So while, I’m a certified precision driver and instructor, I’m also a Goal Coach (specializing in Metaphysics & Conscious Creation); Reiki Master/Teacher; An ordained minister (New Thought), hold a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, am an author of four published books including, ‘Have We Met?! How To Identify Your Reincarnated Loved Ones!’

Yeah… I’ve been joyously busy!

But in a sense, I'm still just doing what I've always done! Still using my talents/gifts to enhance people's lives. That’s what feels good!

With Gratitude,

Gillian (a.k.a. Charlie!)

Gillian Harris - President/CEO

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